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21. 06. 2015. | Author: SRXCHANGE |

Quick Tip: Setting up early at the Trade Show

Setting up your Booth/Stall at a trade show. Why getting there early can make a difference to the entire day - and show.


Getting early to the show can make a big difference to how successful you are. See how early you can arrive to setup your booth. Make sure you are setup before the show opens. Before you start unpacking everything, check the electrical outlets and phone outlets, if you have any. Make sure they are working. If something is not working, contact the show promoter at once. Don't start setting anything up until everything is taken care off, just in case you have to move to another booth location. If that should happen, have the shows promoter put up a sign stating that your booth has moved and give the new location. If you had been promoting your show booth location on your website, this will be especially important so people looking for you booth know that you have been moved. Otherwise, they will think you are a no show.

Starting a Mall Cart/Kiosk Business

Starting a Mall Cart/Kiosk Business



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