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22. 03. 2019. |

Private Labeling is transforming Retail - what can it do for your business?

Are you a retailer looking to take your business to the next level?

A high-quality private label product can transform both your business model and the customer experience.

  •  Private label brands have significantly higher profit margins than resale products
  • Private label branding builds customer loyalty from people who like your products
  • Private label branding brings exclusivity and distinguishes you from competitors
  • Businesses that sell their own brands are viewed as more successful and professional than those that sell generic or manufacturer merchandise.

In addition, you can operate as a wholesaler of your brands to other retailers. This generates more income, and spreads the exposure of your brands even further.

The Groupshopper, a buying platform that empowers small and medium retail businesses, is a  one-stop shop for your private label requirements:

  •  Get your own brand at a price cheaper than regular wholesale
  • Test and inspect a product before you make an order
  • No need for large investments – you can start small with low order quantities
  • As part of the package, you also get professional branding, packaging and online promotion services.
  • Interest free Business Credit with no credit checks - get your private label products before you pay for them 



3 Mindset Shifts to Sell More Products Online

3 Mindset Shifts to Sell More Products Online

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